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Our Lady of Grace is accepting interview applications for a new position. 
For more information or to submit a cover letter and resume, contact the Main Pastorate Office in Kimball (605-778-6420) or e-mail Fr. Richard Fox directly  

Director of Discipleship & Evangelization

Full-Time, Salaried for Main Office at St. Margaret's, Kimball 


The position of Director of Discipleship and Evangelization is part of the “Pastorate Leadership Team”, which assists the Pastor in overseeing and ministering to Our Lady of Grace Pastorate. As a lifelong Catholic missionary disciple, the person in this position works closely with the pastor and team to give direction to evangelization and discipleship efforts within the pastorate. The Director will incorporate a personal expression of the Bishop’s vision of being a Lifelong Catholic Missionary Disciple Through God’s Love, while attending to both active parishioners and inactive and unchurched community members. They are involved in the renewal and formation of all parish ministries within the pastorate, which will include fostering outreach and welcome toward those not active or connected with the Catholic Church. Goals of this position include overseeing and fostering conversion, formation and growth in discipleship among the faithful, developing a vibrant and welcoming community by enhanced Worship, Community, Service, and Discipleship and Evangelization (the 4 Main Aspirational Pillars of SetAblaze) by animating and equipping parishioners to live as authentic disciples and to evangelize by witness of word and action. Partnering with the Director of Communication, they will enhance the communication of discipleship and evangelization efforts and events within and beyond the pastorate community of Our Lady of Grace.

Office Administration

Two Part-Time for Offices at St. James', Chamberlain &
St. John's Plankinton 


Hourly Wage start at $19.25/Hour and the position is Benefit Eligible. Work Hours are 20 hours/week, 9:00AM - 1:00PM Monday-Thursday and 8:00AM - 12:00PM on Friday). This position involves strong interpersonal/communication skills as a receptionist, basic organizational skills for filing and recording, average computer skills, and a desire to live as a Lifelong Catholic Missionary Disciple Through God’s Love.  

Youth Ministry

Part-Time, Salaried


Our Lady of Grace Pastorate is now accepting applications for a part-time Youth Ministry position. The emplyee’s domicile will greatly determine the office position. This salaried position starts at $25,000/year and is benefit eligible. This position can be combined with one of the two new Part-Time Branch Office Administration Assistant positions located in Chamberlain and Plankinton.  This position will work closely with the pastorate’s full-time Director of Discipleship and Evangelization. This position requires a person having strong social and communication skills, enjoys engaging Catholic middle and high school youth through worship experiences, discipleship/evangelization, community building, service projects, and who manifests a desire to live as a Lifelong Catholic Missionary Disciple Through God’s Love. 

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