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St. Peter's Parish

In 1883, the first priests conducted services in White Lake and the surrounding communities. Services were held at the White Lake House, since there wasn't a church at that time. In 1884, Fr. Wilhelm became the first assigned resident paster. White Lake was the only town west of Mitchell with a resident priest and followed missions in the majority
of the towns of our current pastorate: Plankinton, White Lake, Kimball, and Chamberlain.

Fr. Wilhelm appointed a committee to select a church site, and in that same year, the White Wooden Church was constructed. In late October 1884, the first Mass was offered in the new church. In 1925, an overheated furnace caused a fire, which damaged the church. Services were then held at the school gym until 1932. At this time and the "Dirty Thirties," funds were limited and times became hard for the parish to thrive. However, with community support, in late 1945, the first Mass was
offered in a newly remodeled church. The building was used until October 1967, when 145 families gathered to watch the
dedication of current church building.

St. Peter's Events:

Christmas Program

Living Rosary

Living Stations

St. Peter's Catholic Groups:

Altar Society
Religious Education

Knights of Columbus with Kimball

Location & Staff


101 S Ellis St.
White Lake, 
SD 57383


Office Administration:
JoEllen Stadler


Office Hours:
Monday - Friday:
10 am-12 pm & 1 pm-3 pm

Mass Schedule

May - August
Saturday: 5:00 pm

Daily Mass
Tuesdays: 5:30 pm

Thursdays at AB Nursing Home: 10 am
Confession 1/2 hour before Mass

Religious Education

Director of Religious Education
Jane Suelflow

Afternoon K-6th Grade
Wednesdays Afte
r School

Evening Grades 7-8
Wednesdays: 7-8:15

Grades 9-12

Meet twice a month

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