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Holy Orders

When Jesus called his first disciples, he invited them simply to "come and see". He didn’t tell them everything all at once. His plan for them was revealed over time.

Are you feeling called?
Vocation means to call. God is calling all of us to a relationship with Him

In this relationship, Jesus will show you His plan for your life.

Discernment means to separate. When one is discerning a vocation through prayer, Christian community, and mission, it means they are taking time apart to listen to Jesus in order to hear his voice. When one experiences the unique and personal love of Jesus, desires begin to grow within his/her heart. These desires grow over time and begin to direct the individual’s life. To discern then is to separate this holy desire from other desires of life and choose to follow Jesus' call.

Choosing A Vocation: Marriage, Priesthood, Consecrated Life

Many who are discerning are afraid of telling others. It is necessary to find someone you trust and share your experiences with them. Find a vocations director. The vocation director’s role is to walk with young men and women who are discerning.

Scripture for Discernment

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